How to Choose Best Physical Therapy Schools : Information & Tips

Physical therapy schools are the best places to learn about the science of movement potential. Students who attend these post-secondary educational facilities gather invaluable skills and knowledge; the information and experience gained at physical therapy schools equips graduates to help patients as they embark on careers in the physical therapy field. Typically, people who practice physical therapy for patients or clients will do so at hospitals, private clinics, or through their own businesses. In order to gain the licensure and credentials necessary to become a successful physical therapist, students must be certain to choose the one of best physical therapy schools.

This stable and fulfilling career is a popular choice for those who enjoy helping people to optimize their mobility through diagnoses, treatment plans and follow-ups which contribute to the health and well-being of patients; the best physical therapy schools are ideal educational choices for anyone with talent in science and a taste for the “helping professions”. Young and old may benefit from physical therapy – from infants, to teens, to the middle-aged, to the elderly…everyone is able to undergo physical therapy that enhances movement potential and comfort. To become the most effective and compassionate physical therapist that you can be, you should seek out highly-rated, reputable and accredited physical therapy schools.

Here are some tips and tricks that will assist you in choosing one of the best physical therapy schools:

The Best Physical Therapy Schools Will Be Accredited

Most developed countries will feature accreditation programs for physical therapy schools; for example, in the United States, the American Physical Therapy Association oversees a committee that manages the accreditation of physical therapy programs. In America, there are more than two hundred accredited physical therapy schools to choose from, including the University of Southern California (USC), Boston University, and New York University.

In Canada, students should look for physical therapy schools that offer a Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree program; this educational curriculum should also give students the opportunity to write a special exam through the Accreditation Council for Canadian Physiotherapy Academic Programs. The University of Western Ontario offers one of Canada’s most impressive (and fully accredited) physical therapy programs. Other of the best choices for physical therapy colleges in Canada include McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) and the University of British Columbia (UBC), which is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Getting the right credentials and licensure is really vital in a physical therapy degree, no matter what country you reside in, so it’s crucial to look for physical therapy schools that offer all of the tests and certifications you will need to work as a fully licensed physical therapist (within that country’s public health care system or private health care system); even a physical therapist who works on his or her own, as a self-employed entrepreneur, will generally need licenses and credentials to attract and retain clientele.

More Tips on Finding the Best Physical Therapy School

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices by searching for accredited physical therapy schools in your country, you’ll be ready for the next step. Step two should include a little research into just how many students who attend those physical therapy colleges end up with licenses to practice physical therapy. The percentage of people who qualify for licensure and go on to fulfilling careers in physical therapy will be an important indicator of a school’s overall quality. Look for very high rates of licensure for graduates – this is obviously an excellent clue as to the value of teaching and curriculum at an accredited college or university. In the States, the test known as the National Physical Therapy examination must be passed before a license is granted. In Canada, certain schools may be equipped to help students pass tests and examinations that meet both American and Canadian standards (the University of Western Ontario is one example). By looking for physical therapy schools that demonstrate aptitude in training students, you will increase your own chances of a successful education and testing phase.

Consider Other Variables When Choosing the Best Physical Therapy School

Deciding to pursue degree programs at physical therapy schools will be a big life decision for many students; therefore, it’s imperative that all of the variables are considered and that the pros and cons of certain schools are carefully weighed. For example, once you’ve found a school that seems to fit the bill, consider other elements that will affect the success of your physical therapy education; the cost of tuition is one such factor, and so is the general cost of living in the town or city where a college or university is located. Other variables might include the public transportation system in the region, the amount of part-time jobs available for students, and the quality of dorms or accommodations (such as apartments or houses) near the physical therapy schools.

The odds of getting into your desired program should also be calculated; some colleges and universities will be far more competitive than others. To find the best physical therapy school, ponder all of the variables, and then decide on a few prime choices that meet all of your needs; with a little luck, you will get in to the first school on your short list.