Physical Therapist Salary : How Much Is It?

If you’re curious about how much is a physical therapy salary, and you’re also wondering whether or not it’s worth it going to a physical therapy college, this quick physical therapy salary guide will help you to make the correct decision. As you know, attending physical therapy schools and getting licensed as a physical therapist is a time-consuming process, and it’s quite expensive as well; to make this investment in education pay off, it’s important to find a physiotherapist job that pays a competitive physical therapy salary. However, many physical therapist students don’t really know how much they’ll get paid when they finish their post-secondary graduate studies and enter the workforce as physical therapists.

Physical Therapy Salary Will Give You a Great Living Wage

Once you’ve graduated from physical therapy degree and gotten licensed, you’ll be primed for a great career as a physiotherapist, and you’ll likely earn a good physical therapy salary. This type of job usually pays about 60 to 70 thousand dollars per year, depending on the physical therapist’s level of experience and education. Of course, all proper licensure will be required to get a job with a physical therapy salary of this level. Some physical therapy salaries can be as little as 50 thousand dollars per year as a starting wage, but it’s quite easy to move up and make more money, as long as you’re a competent and caring physiotherapist with good degrees from a physical therapy school. Of course, if you’re burdened with student loan debt from your time at college, you must consider your loan repayment schedule when calculating your net “take-home” physical therapy salary.

Occupational Therapist Jobs Will Offer You a Generous Physical Therapy Salary

Becoming an occupational therapist is one popular career option for students who have graduated from physical therapy schools; this position can pay a good physical therapy salary. With this job, the physical therapist uses their knowledge, skill and compassion to enable patients and to give patients more engagement with the world around them. By helping patients to maximize their comfort, fitness and mobility, occupational therapists make it easier for these people to perform “everyday” physical activities. The benefits of becoming an occupational therapist are myriad; after all, these therapists ease suffering by improving movement potential in their patients. Bettering someone else’s quality of life through occupational therapy is very satisfying and fulfilling, and the occupational therapy salary is high in most cases. Typically, after graduating from reputable physical therapist schools with full accreditation, occupational therapists will make about $65,000 (USD) per year, plus competitive benefits packages. Employers of graduates from physical therapy schools may be private sector companies or public health care organizations; all will pay competitive physical therapy salary amounts.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Salary Levels Are Very Good

If you enjoy working with infants and small children, a job as a pediatric physical therapist may be right up your alley; this job will also pay a decent physical therapy salary …of course, this sort of position will also require a physical therapy degree. In most cases, a Master’s Degree and/or doctorate degree may be necessary to perform this type of position. Typical salaries for pediatric physical therapist jobs range from 44 thousand dollars per year to 77 thousand dollars per year. As you can see, there is a wide deviation between lower-paying and higher-paying jobs in this field – usually, this is because salaries are scaled according to the experience of pediatric physical therapists. Sensitivity, compassion, and love for children will be important character traits that contribute to success in this position; children need special care, and their emotional reactions and responses are quite different from those of adult patients. However, most good physical therapy schools will offer many courses and practicums related to pediatric physical therapy, so students can test their aptitude for this type of job while they attend graduate school. Then, graduates who like working with kids can search for jobs that pay a great physical therapy salary.

General Physical Therapist Salary Jobs Pay Well, but They Require Degrees from Physical Therapy Schools

A physical therapy salary from 50 to 80 grand will be common for general physical therapy positions; these jobs require degrees from physical therapy schools, and typical workplaces include: hospitals, acute care facilities, “old folk’s homes” and other such locations. Today, the Baby Boomer population is growing older, and their bodies are changing as they begin to experience the later decades of life; for these people, physiotherapy is a healing health care procedure – and Baby Boomers are seeking out physical therapists in very great numbers. In the future, this type of job, which eases aches and pains by teaching patients the right exercises and self-care, will become even more in-demand than it currently is. Where a person works, and how much experience he or she has, will both be determining factors where the salary of a physical therapist position is concerned. New graduates from top-ranked physical therapy schools are more likely to get plum jobs with excellent physical therapy salary and benefit packages.

If you’re interested in attending physical therapy schools to become a licensed physiotherapist, you’ll need to choose your educational institution carefully to get a good physical therapy salary later on. The best schools will offer hidden benefits, which may only become apparent as a student prepares to graduate and look for work in the medical profession. The best physical therapy schools will often help students to find placements in local health care facilities and other typical workplaces for physical therapists – at the least, an accredited school will give students access to the right licenses and affiliations. To begin your career pathway as a physical therapist, be sure to attend highly-ranked, accredited physical therapy schools that offer the very best courses and practicums to all students; then, you’ll be on your way to a satisfactory physical therapy salary.

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