Top Physical Therapy Schools & How to Find Them

Attending top physical therapy schools and earning degrees takes a lot of drive and ambition, as well as plenty of money (for tuition, books, and related expenses); therefore, it’s important to maximize your investment and hard work by choosing the right physical therapy schools. However, some students struggle to find the best pt school for their needs…this struggle is understandable, because, sometimes, it really is hard to know what to look for. If you need help to discover the top physical therapy schools, this quick guide will assist you in locating the most competitive and highly-ranked educational institutions. Once you’ve put together a short list of some attractive options, you can move on to studying application requirements and prerequisites for the degree programs featured at these top physical therapy schools.

Look at Rankings for Top Physical Therapy Schools

If you’re planning to attend top physical therapy graduate schools in the United States of America, consider checking rankings from trusted sources, such as the U.S. News & World Report. According to this source, several colleges and universities in America are stellar choices for physical therapy schools. High-ranking educational facilities with physical therapy departments include Duke University, the University of Delaware, and the University of Southern California. In Canada, top physical therapy schools include McGill University, the University of Western Ontario, and Queen’s University.

For every country in the world, there will be top physical therapy schools rankings within that nation; the trick is to make sure that the rankings are compiled by a legitimate source. The Internet offers a rich resource for prospective students, but it must be used carefully. In this day and age, anyone can post information about top physical therapy schools, and this type of information may seem trustworthy; however, if the data posted cannot be traced back to a reliable and reputable source, it is not worth very much, and it may even be misleading.

Check Student Reviews for Top Physical Therapy Schools

Formal rankings are very important, and these types of school rankings should take priority while you are vetting top physical therapy schools; however, there are some other effective ways to find out exactly what these post-secondary educational institutions have to offer. For example, message boards where college and university students meet to compare notes about graduate schools can be excellent resources while you hunt for the best physical therapy school. Seeing written feedback from students who have already attended these schools can be a great way to find out if the campus, surrounding local area, professors, and courses are up to scratch. University and college message boards also offer other benefits to prospective students who are considering getting Master’s degrees or doctorate degrees in physical therapy. These message boards offer an easy way to “meet” people who may also be attending the same programs. With Internet message boards, it’s very important to protect your privacy as best you can while you are getting to know new people online. Over time, you will be able to decide whether or not someone is trustworthy and suitable as a potential friend. To begin on message boards, use a username (not your given name) and an avatar that is not a photograph of you. This is the safest way to begin asking questions and chatting about physical therapy schools. Simply Google top physical therapy schools, along with the term “message boards”, to find the right websites.

Consider the Credentials of Top Physical Therapy Schools

Certain top physical therapy schools may seem perfect in every way, but lack one essential credential that is actually extremely important…this credential is accreditation, and the very best physical therapy schools always have it. If you’re narrowing down choices, it may be time to investigate the accreditation issue and eliminate schools that don’t measure up. If you can’t find information about accreditation on physical therapy school’s official websites, it is absolutely imperative that you email a school representative and find out one way or the other – good physical therapy colleges will always bend over backwards to give you the answers you need. Without accreditation, getting important licensure will be tough, and your career path may be rockier. To get the best education for your money, only apply to accredited schools – however, you must bear in mind that these top physical therapy schools will be harder to get into.

Look for Governing Bodies of Top Physical Therapy Schools

Finding information about top physical therapy schools will be easier when you learn to search for accrediting organizations in your home country (or the country you wish to attend post-graduate school in). In the USA, this agency is known as The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE); in Canada, the agency is called the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy. Outside the USA and Canada, developed countries will generally have their own specific accreditation commissions. Once you’ve located the right ones, bookmark their websites and check back regularly for information and updates about physical therapy schools that they’ve approved. These websites are always excellent research tools for students pursuing post-secondary education at top physical therapy schools.
Top physical therapy schools are excellent options for students who wish to pursue careers as rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, and pediatric physical therapists (along with a host of other specializations).  Top physical therapy schools also offer students access to vital licensure that helps them to get the jobs they want after they receive their Master’s degrees or doctorate degrees. By choosing the top physical therapy schools, students will give themselves an edge as they prepare to enter the workforce.